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Development of Gas Powered Remote Control Cars

When we talk about radio controlled vehicles, I think that it would be safe to say radio controlled cars are most popular kind, and they have been holding that title for many decades. However, with the new discoveries in the technology field staring at us with every new day, there is much, much more radio controlled car models to choose from now, than it was possible 30 or 40 years ago. Because of that, when you go out to buy yourself a new rc car, it is quite important to know about some basic differences between models.

First, we have electric models. These kinds of rc vehicles are using electronically utilized speed control units, and thanks to them, they are able to adjust the amount of power that is being distributed to their electric motors. It comes really simple when you think about it – the more you pull the trigger, the faster will your radio controlled car will go. Also, most of these models are using their electric motor as the magnetic brake. This ensures that you have better control than with other types of rc cars.

Nitro powered remote control cars use one servo for the controlling of throttle and brakes. When servo rotates, throttle on the carburetor is going to open, and this is going to provide more air and fuel mixture for the internal combustion engine. With the most rc models, engines are varying between the size of 0.12 and 0.35 cubic inches. This is regulated by the law that applies to the radio controlled cars. However, there are models that aren’t made for the official races and usage, and these models have significantly bigger engines. Engine size is usually in some proportion to the size of the vehicle, but there are exceptions, and typical example for that are numerous models from Schumacher that come with the engines that are pretty large when compared to the other companies’ models.

Gas powered rc cars are maybe the best kind of the rc cars. They come pretty expensive (from $500 to $3000), they are much bigger and they require a bigger space to run. However, all of this doesn’t come as a disadvantage, because when you once own petrol powered rc cars, you really don’t need any other rc vehicle. They don’t go quite as fast as nitro and electric models, but they do not take a lot of fuel to run, and they are really durable in the power terms. Also, it is quite possible that these gas powered models are going to cost you less than other models in total, because you’ll hardly ever need to tune their engines, and they are known to have a very long lifespan. In addition to this,they don’t spend that much fuel, so you won’t spending much money on that wither. To be truthful, gas powered radio controlled cars are made for those who prefer sale over imagination, and they are mostly used by radio controlled cars professionals.  Because of that, if you are beginner, you’ll probably want to stick to the nitro or electric models.