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Long Distance Communication

Use these long distance communication tips to find new and creative ways to keep in touch with your friends and family around the world.

Technology has come a long way. When distance separates you from your loved ones, take advantage of technology for your long distance communication.

In this age of cell phones, video phones, digital cameras and the internet, keeping in touch with friends and family is easy.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Set up a regular call schedule. Hearing each other’s voices is the best way to communicate. A lot of phone companies are now offering free long distance – especially for cell phones. Find a long distance plan that fits your needs and schedule a regular time, whether it is once per week or once per month, to talk to your loved ones.


  • Email often. When you can’t see each other regularly, keeping up with the day to day happenings in life can be a great way to feel connected. If your child says or does something cute or funny, share it with your friends. Send them an email to tell them about your big promotion. Sending a quick note just to say hello can brighten someone’s day.If you do not currently have an email account, here a couple of websites where you can set one up for free:



Yahoo mail



  • Send e-cards. Keeping the lines of long distance communication open is always fun when you send or receive a card right in your email inbox! Here is the site that I like to use to send free e-cards to my friends:



Hallmark Free E-Cards


  • Create an online photo album. There are a ton of websites offering free photo album services. Simply register, upload your photos and provide the link to your friends. It’s that easy! Check out Google’s photo organization software:



Don’t have a digital camera? Don’t let that stop you. It is very easy to take your prints to a copy shop and have them scanned onto a disk that you can use to create your online album.

Also, for under $10.00 at any drug store you can purchase a disposible camera with a digital option. When you bring the camera in for developing you will have the option to receive the prints on a disk at no extra charge!


  • Create an online journal to keep your loved ones updated. Here are some websites offering free journals. They can even be password protected so you choose who gets to read them.

    Live Journal

    Dear Diary

    Keeping in Touch With Younger Children

  • Color across the miles. You can rip out a page in a coloring book, coloring a small section of it and them mail it to the child you are keeping in touch with. When the child received it, he or she can color a little bit and mail it back to you. You can continue mailing the picture back and forth until it is completed.
  • Send cards for every holiday and occassion. Place the cards in brightly colored envelopes. Tell the child that you have sent them something and tell them what color the envelope is. The child will be excited to check the mail every day and watch for that special envelope just for them.

I hope these tips help make your long distance communication fun and easy.